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>The earlier deletions referred to reports on studies in the USA linking 
>aggresive behaviour with serotonin levels,  establishing this was both
>inheritable characteristic and treatable.  

But what if violent behavour rasers serotonin levels?  This is simply
anouther demonstration of the causeal fallasy.  Just because there exists a
link dosn't mean on caused the outher or visa versa.


>In our discussions on racial issues we have dodged questions :

>	1)  	whether exists genetic identifiers for race;

Unlikely our clasfercations of race are more political then based on
any real gentic charistics.

>	2)	whether such gentic identifier - if exist,  might be 
>		linked to any behavioural characteristic;

Some gentic qualtys may effect behavour however I dout that thay would be
the same as the gentic markers that would sort out race even if thay did

>	3)	whether any genetic identifier should be linked to
>		rights of individuals;

All these things are more tenderncys or realtionships peaple still have free
will and so there rights shouldn't be violated.


>IF we accept that in genetic terms there might exist genetic 
>links between race and behaviour can we deny the funds to
>persons wishing to study in this area ?

Yes,  there are far more inportent and neccery fealds of research.  With
funding cut backs sould we be wasting our money just to serve some political


>Have any of the ethics commitees examining and deciding related 
>matters - and the allocation of grants, released any discussion papers 
>on their approaches to the issues involved ? 

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