Chicken eggs

William Tivol tivol at
Thu Dec 5 12:49:57 EST 1996

Hernan Espinoza (espinoza at wrote:
: Laurie Davison <ldavison at> writes:

: :No, the eggs you buy in a grocery store are not fertilized as the hens 
: :in chicken laying houses have no access to a rooster. If you buy your 
: :eggs from a local farm, however, the chances are great that you're 
: :getting fertilized eggs.

: 	Your chances are even higher if you buy eggs marked "Fertilized"
: at your local yuppie supermarket.  (I kid you not)  -Hernan

	That depends on whether your local yuppie supermarket actually
buys fertilized eggs or labels the cheaper ones as such to increase 
				Bill Tivol

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