Invitation to 3rd Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences

Youhei Ohkawa ohkawa at
Wed Dec 4 01:46:22 EST 1996


Invitation to
  "3rd Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences '96 in RIKEN "

On behalf of the congress, it is my great pleasure to invite you to
3rd Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences to be held here
( from December 9 to 20, 1996.

Poster sessions and symposia will take place in the WWW server. During
the period, debate will be also held in the virtual conference
hall. Please look at the proceedings of the congress. You can see how
the 1st ( ) and 2nd
( ) Internet World Congress
was running.

Congress Program

The program will comprise more than 50 Symposia, more than 50 Poster
Sessions, Presidential Lecture, Meet-Together-Corner for collected
Sessions, Commercial Exhibitions, Free Space for Placement
Self-Service and Welcome Party as well as Virtual Tours in Tsukuba
Science City. Moreover, "Hot-works-in-progress" session will be held.

Official Language: English


To participate in the Congress, you should be a transient or regular
member of Internet Association on Biomedical Sciences (INABIS). A
transient (affiliate) member has no duty to INABIS: no registration
fee or attendance fee. A participant directory is made for the
statistical analysis of the congress activities, but not open to the

Register at INABIS official server ( ) is here

If you have any question, freely ask Secretariat Internet World
Congress on Biomedical Sciences ( congress at )

Youhei Ohkawa, MD.
Sapporo Medical University, Department of Anatomy and 2nd Surgery.
Address:Zip 060 South 1 West 16 Chuou-ku Sapporo City Japan
Voice:+81-11-611-2111 ext.2242 / FAX:+81-11-612-5861

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