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>I have been doing a part-time PhD thesis for almost 9 years. During that
>time I have published a number of papers  based on work for my thesis. 
>I am about to write up my thesis, but need some advice. In the review of
>the literature that will be included, do I refer to my published
>that refer to material that belongs to the thesis OR do I carefully
>excise any reference to my published work until describing it in
>detail in the thesis proper?
>Thanks in advance
>Jacques Soddell

Dear Jacques:

I can tell you from experience.  You do BOTH.  You MUST provide great
detail in your dissertation, but it goes a long way to be able to
reference your own papers.  This is especially true when the published
papers have peer-reviewed.  For one thing, it takes a great deal of
heat off your committee members, since portions of the work have
already passed peer-review.  

-Mike MacDonell, Ph.D.

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