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> Please forward to interested members of your scientific community.
> Science's Next Wave, a Web site published by American Association for
> the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Science magazine, will be
> presenting a feature on former scientists who have shifted their careers
> into patent licensing and patent law. This patent law feature is part of
> our series on alternative careers for scientists, New Niches, and will
> be accessible starting on Friday, December 6th.
> Patent agents, patent attorneys, and a licensing expert from diverse
> environments such as biotechnology companies, the U.S. Patent and
> Trademark Office, and the Stanford University technology licensing
> office will discuss several topics, including:
>    -- how they made their transition into the field of patent law=20
>    -- how to move into patent law with or without a law degree
>    -- qualities important for becoming a successful patent professional=20
>    -- the intellectual satisfaction of being on the "cutting edge" of
> technology
> We will also provide links to related resources for scientists
> contemplating a switch to patent licensing and law (with or without that
> law degree), plus a customized primer from the U.S. Patent and Trademark
> Office on how to become a patent agent.=20
> The patent law New Niche will be active starting on Friday, December
> 6th. You are encouraged to direct your career questions and comments to
> our group of patent law Role Models via our Web site over the next two
> months.=20
> The URL for Science=92s Next Wave is
> We strongly encourage you to tell your peers and colleagues about the
> current and future New Niche features.
> If you would not like to receive e-mail notices about future Next Wave
> features which discuss alternative careers for scientists, please let us
> know.
> The Editors of
> Science's Next Wave
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> Wendy Yee
> Associate Editor
> Science's Next Wave
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definetly "former scientists"!


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