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user wrote:
> I have been doing a part-time PhD thesis for almost 9 years. During that
> time I have published a number of papers  based on work for my thesis.
> I am about to write up my thesis, but need some advice. In the review of
> the literature that will be included, do I refer to my published papers
> that refer to material that belongs to the thesis OR do I carefully
> excise any reference to my published work until describing it in greater
> detail in the thesis proper?
> Thanks in advance
> Jacques Soddell

Congratulations on your publications.  I agree with my NG colleagues --
cite them in your thesis.  Some reasons you might want to do this are:
1) The work has passed the peer-review process and is worthy of
2) The work is relevant to your thesis.
3) It's just the ethical thing to do.

Like another NG poster said, it takes the heat off your committee and
should ensure a successful defense.

(By the way, my committee had no qualms about my publications being
included in my thesis.  I had some interesting discussions about
potential stumbling blocks, but never about this issue.)

Best of luck,
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