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Sat Dec 7 18:09:48 EST 1996

Hello again,

Just wanted to see if you've all had your chance to read ALIQUOTES, our
little journal of molecular and biochemical humour.  If you missed the
December issue, then you won't read:


ONCE BITTEN...a story about suffering snake bite from your FPLC

SEEING HOW THINGS DEVELOP...a quick reference to those bizarre
expressions used by developmental biologists

I'VE BEEN SEARCHIN'...our monthly Internet article which highlights
search engines this month

THAT'S A LOTTA editorial on the ridiculous lengths to which
research institutes chase after funds

PET VECTORS...a collection of amusing, real science (?) articles
featuring animals

THE ART OF SCIENCE...our regular feature which looks at famous works of
art in a slightly obscure way

THE NIGHT BEFORE X-massy, poetic explanation of late nights
in the lab

If you haven't got your copy of ALIQUOTES, just drop us a line.  This
monthly publication is absolutely FREE to readers (supporting funds come
from advertisers) and you would become one of hundreds from around the

"I am enjoying my subscription to Aliquotes immensely.  The (monthly)
package provides enough humour to make the PhD seem livable.
  I hope that Aliquotes will soon become as indispensible as Nature and
Science at desks around the world."
                            Jane Harrison, New Zealand

If you'd like to take a peek at some of our material, check out the
Science Humour site run by Joachim Verhagen at the URL:

and if you want more information or wish to join our mailing list, which
we DO NOT share with others, send us a line with your ground address to:

R. Willis, Publisher
Aliquotes Press
58 Balfour Ave.
Toronto, ON

416-691-2921 (ph)
416-813-5022 (fax)

rogerb at

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