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>> The earlier deletions referred to reports on studies in the USA linking 
>> aggresive behaviour with serotonin levels,  establishing this was both
>> inheritable characteristic and treatable.   
>> Other inheritable and treatable genetic links exist.
>>>> How much of an individuals behaviour is an inherited genetic 
>>>> predisposition at birth, how much is from culture - what is learnt 
>>>> after birth ?  
>>>> Links between culturally modified predispostions are being found.
>> We can leave this issue - we can all learn bad habits, more as this 
>> is not relevant directly to the issues raised below. 

>Except I'd comment that in a family where all members are raised
>under the same circumstances there are often *marked* differences
>in behaviour/disposition.

>>>> If we are proving the existance of such inherited predispositions 
>>>> we are saying those same theories which the Nazi's were - and 
>>>> remain, so widely condemned for were perhaps accurate... 
>>>> If you're unhappy with this path of thinking, with where it leads,
>>>> don't feel lonely !

>>>Facts don't have to be palatable :-)
>>>Assuming the hypothesis is established the next step is to do something
>>>about correcting serotonin levels in individuals who are suffering.
>> Sorry as not clear enough.  My concern was not serotonin levels 
>> influencing a persons behaviour or predisposition to particular - for
>> example aggressive, behaviour.  
>> Was reflecting on the debate re race, the usual derogatory comments 
>> over certain behaviours being normal - or at the time being abnormal,  
>> for people of a particular race. 

>Realised that.   'Dour Scot' etc (why wouldn't you be dour if you 
>had to live in that climate! :-)

>> In our discussions on racial issues we have dodged questions :
>> 	1)  	whether exists genetic identifiers for race;


A la Murray and Herrnstein?(sp?)

>> 	2)	whether such gentic identifier - if exist,  might be 
>> 		linked to any behavioural characteristic;


Oprah Winfrey stated publicly that African Americans, as a racial
group, are very much pre-disposed towards using violence.

>> 	3)	whether any genetic identifier should be linked to
>> 		rights of individuals;

>NO way.

Why not? If it can be shown that a certain racial group is less
endowed intellectually, then why not give them special advantages,
such as the various "race norming" policies in the good old USA?

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