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The vast majority of my science friends tend to really enjoy
playing/singing) music.  Of course, being one of these who liked to
balance art & science, I'll admit there may be a "sampling bias" and may
have simply chosen to hang out with these people.  At least at Bowdoin
in the early 1980s, a fair amount of science majors were double majors
(or minors) in music or art (eg, Biochemistry/Music).  

Personally speaking, I had lots of fun balancing my rather demanding,
interdisciplinary Psychobiology major over the years with: a music
minor; playing in a 4-pc. rock band; wind ensemble; a barbershop quartet
(a blast, given we were a unique group at New England colleges and got
invited to lots of concerts); and heading the (in-?)famous Bowdoin
College Precision Drinking Band.

No longer in the lab these days, I'm now primarily a medical writer,
remaining very much involved with science and medicine.  I still enjoy
banging away at the piano and singing harmony in the car/shower!  I
can't draw very well, but I've recently discovered I really enjoy the
graphic design skills I now use in designing websites.  This is about as
close to becoming an "artist" (as in "one who paints/draws/sketches") as
I'll likely ever get.

Someone once said, "Virtu in media stat" ("Virtue stands in the
middle").  It's been my experience that most people try to balance their
endeavors.  But before I start making this some sort of opponent-process
theory model, I think I'll stop wasting bandwidth and bid everyone

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