Chicken eggs

William Tivol tivol at
Wed Dec 11 17:29:25 EST 1996

Laurie Davison (ldavison at wrote:

: Seriously - *why* would fertilized eggs be better (at least to the 
: yuppie mind)??? Enquiring minds wanna know...

Dear Laurie,
	My friends who are into organic foods consider fertilized eggs to
be more "natural".  I suppose there is some sense that an egg *not* able 
to be fertilized is lacking something.  Whether this lack has anything to
do with nutrition is questionable.  Eggs obtained from free-range chickens
may be better than those from chickens raised on "egg factories" because
the environment of the chickens is better, and this may show up in the
eggs.  If possible, I buy eggs from friends who raise their own; they may
be more nutritious and they certainly taste better.  I don't have any
feelings about the involvement of a rooster, however.
				Bill Tivol

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