Art and Science are the same

r.marchand r.marchand at
Thu Dec 12 00:51:10 EST 1996

    Following on:
 > : Are not both Art and Science merely our version of reality
 > based on gut instinct and a personal interpretation of data or input?
 > Anyone who tries to tell you that Science is purely objective, is
 > either deluded or trying to pull a fast one (I hesitate to use the
 > expression "liar").
 > In one sense I'd agree with you, but I'd rather fly in a plane
 > designed by a scientist than a painter.
 > (Although the later would probably be a lot more fun).

 > Crispin

Disagree: the painters plane would not be able to fly, and thus
            a lot safer than the usual ones.

Ron M.

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