My classmates need answers; rapid amplif. of cDNA ends !

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Fri Dec 13 11:26:15 EST 1996

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>>>>> Hi my name is Patrick McLaughlin, I study in Phoenix. OR. USA and
>>>>> I need your help with this questions about your feelings about races
>>>>> around the world.

>>> What is the current record? I'm pretty sure it's way less than 80
>>> days by now.

>> Please define "race"... Thank you.

> It is a bearing component. Ring and race.
Give the man a break, and TRY to answer his question, instead
of all this ridicule.
Patrick, we carry out a lot of race in our laboratory, to 
obtain 5' ends of mRNAs by PCR. I will be more than willing to answer
any specific questions that you may have about this technique:
just drop me a line.
(I have to admit though, that I do not know exactly what you mean by  
RACE is carried out around the world ? please specify.)


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