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Fri Dec 13 15:35:26 EST 1996

I'm researching a book tentatively titled, "Alternative Careers For Scientists:
Resources and Advice For Pursuing A Non-Traditional Path." David Kristofferson,
PhD, the BIOSCI administrator, suggested that I post this message on your forum.

The primary audience for the book is students and post-docs who started school
thinking research in academics was their only career path, but along the way,
needed or wanted to make a change. Other readers might include advisers looking
for advice to impart to students who want to know more about other career
options; career counselors; job recruiters looking for new places to find
skilled employees; people looking to make mid-career changes; policymakers;
professional societies; and possibly friends and family of scientists who are in
the midst of the job hunt.

I'm starting the chapter on informatics, and would like to know more about
resources for people interested in this area, including contact information for
discussion groups, World Wide Web sites, job postings, professional societies,
and educational programs and fellowships that your group may sponsor or
recommend ?
I'm also looking for people who have made the switch from research science to
informatics, as well as other career alternatives like journalism, business,
education, law, and policy. 

I would also like to post general questions like the ones I asked above to a
group that covers a larger science audience. Would your foum be the place to do

Thanks in advance for any insights and suggestions. Please let me know if this
was the correct email address on which to post these questions.

All the best,
Karen Kreeger
74511.2131 at

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