Netscape "cookies" file/privacy

Ralph Gainey sesame at MCN.ORG
Sat Dec 14 06:38:50 EST 1996

I am more interested in the file <cookies.toc> which netscape has. On the
news last weekend it was stated that this file, containing the history of
all internet access and correspondence, is accessible from the outside. Does
anyone know anything about this? I erased my file, but don't know if it
eliminates the possibilityt of "snooping."

With warm regards,

Ralph Gainey

allAt 01:31 AM 12/14/96 -0600, you wrote:
>One, really huge hole in this discourse.  It would be impossible to keep
>a secret like that in the U.S.  A few years max before the plastic model
>manufacturers retail a model of it.
>Johnny Chien-Min Yu wrote:
>> From: alexchen at
>> To: caesar at UDel.Edu
>> Subject: Re: freedom of privacy & thoughts
>> >When you wrote that Taiwanese government uses microwaves and radiowaves
>> >to kill, you were joking, right?
>> No! I am not joking.  But, what I have wrote about Taiwan most have
>> occured in the 1970s.
>> I have handled a military classified document of Taiwan in 1984, while
>> I was a lieutenant Colonel in National Defense Department serving in the
>> highest audit center for the Taiwan Defense Department.
>> This document indicated:
>> Tawan has purchased the mind machine from United States (Taiwan
>> translated the name of the mind machine to psychological language
>> machine.  Phonetically prounced in Mandrian Chinese:  "sin li yu yan gi").
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