Help: Transcription & Translation

Errol Colak easyware at
Sat Dec 14 23:51:55 EST 1996

Subject: Help: Transcription & Translation
Newsgroups: bionet.general


I've been studying basic molecular cell biology for the past semester but 
I have a few questions regarding trp operon transcription and translation.

1. When the trp operon of E. Coli is being transcribed under low 
   tryptophan conditions, is it possible for the ribosome to stall for too 
   long (if we use a mutant with additional trp encoding codons) at 
   codons requiring TRP-aminoacetyl tRNA while RNA pol is transcribing?

2.  Can a ribosome "fall off" the mRNA by stalling for too long?

3.  What affect does increasing the number of "stalling" codons have on 
    the rate of trancription & translation?
By stalling, I mean that the ribosome must pause at certain codons since 
there is a deficiency in an aminoacetyl-tRNA which is required by the 
translation of mRNA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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