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Tue Dec 17 13:00:16 EST 1996

Martin Kroeker wrote:
> Emile Van Schaftingen (evanscha at ben.vub.ac.be) wrote:
> <nothing, several times>
> Xenopus laevis appear to be on the rampage in Belgium - but have they
> attacked Dr. van Schaftingen, or are they just trying to use his account
> for News ?

Alas, given the horrifying events of the past weeks, it is now clear
that Dr. v. Schaftingen (or perhaps one of his lab Xenopus) was
attempting to warn us of one of the most insidious and deadly threats to
mankind ever encountered - I refer of course to the dreaded Giant
One-Eyed Mind-Controlling Taiwanese Clawed Frogs (_Xenops aieeee_) which
have overrun half the globe (starting from their first known appearance
in a small town in lower Belgium).  Perhaps one day someone (a
latter-day Mr. Wells, perhaps) will set down the history of the epic
struggle between humanity and amphibia. I, myself, am too overcome to

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