Australia-China Institutional Links Program Seeking for Collaborative Australia Institutions

Jiang Yan jiangyan at
Wed Dec 18 09:35:47 EST 1996

According to the agreement between Chinese Government and Australia Government,
Australian Agency for International Development(AusAID)will provide $A4,000,000 for 20 
Chinese-Australia research project. Now the ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic 
Cooperation and State Education Commission  of China listed my Institution as an 
application unit. As the rule of the program I must find a collaborative Institution in 

    My institution named the National Lab for Grassland Biological Control in Sichuan 
University. The following is a brief introduction of my institution.

    "National Lab for Grassland Biological Control " in Sichuan University,is one of the 
World Bank Loan important science developing projects.In 1990,with the comment of 
relation experts and the ratification of the government, it cost 430,000SDR from W.B. 
loan,and 1,800,000RMP from the government. From 1991 to now,according to the feasibility 
report and implement plan,this project had been successfully finished.This not only laid 
good foundation for our research and education work,but also developed our research and 
education work and academic interchange.With the advanced equipments parchased from the,the research terms of our Lab.was ameliorated, in addition academic interchange 
and technical assistance, developed the research and education level,apply important 
subjects. Now let's get brief summary:

    First.The research had made noticeable improvement,both in range and depth,and have 
setup the distinguishing feature science system of "grass biotechnology".The foundation 
of this project made us powerful to strive for,accept and undertake more subjects,get 
more funds, and obtain more research achievement(See table 1).The number of subjects, 
funds,and achievements in 1991-1995 are twice than that in 1986-1990.
     Table 1.The research in recent 10 years
     Items                         1991--1995    1986--1990
Research subjects and funds

National science and technology
           subject                     5             1
National science fund                 14             5
Important subject form
province and ministry                 17             9
International co-operation
subject                               2              /
The other subject                     5              2

Total of subjects                     43             17
Total of funds(not includ
international co-operation            600            120
subjects) (10 thousand yuan)

research achievements
Appraisal                             15              5
Prize                                  7              4
research papers                       300            100
Treaties                                5              2

    There are very great develop in the research contain.In the past, we did work in the 
biocontrol of grassland rodden,disease and insect pests, and grassland protect.Now we 
can research the crux of grassland especially the protecting,building and developing of 
qing-zhang plateau from different level: from molecular, cellar,individual and 

    Second.With the precision equipments,stable research direction and experienced 
teachers,we have get marked progress in education,consummated the education manage 
system,trained lot of graduate students for Dr.and Ms. degree and foreign students(See 
table 2).
    Table 2. The education in recent 10 years
      Items                      1991-1995       1986-1990
Number of graduate students

Accepted graduate students
for                    22(female 5)          8
Graduate Student for
Dr.dgree in school(Sept.1995)       16                 /
Accept G.S.for         52(female 23)         36
G.S.for in school
(Sept.1995)                         31                  /
Accepted foreign students           7                   /
G.S.for from other
school work in the Lab.             7                   /

Education system

Tutors for G.S.for        3                   1
Majors for G.S.for        3                   1
Tutors for G.S.for        8                   4
Majors for G.S.for        3                   3

    1.Teachers group:There are 25 fellow in this Lab,4 professors,8     associate 
professors. 2 professors and 8 associate professors were admitted during this project 
going.There are 3 majors for graduate students for, they are plant  genetics 
and grassland ,3 tutors for graduate students for,8 tutors for 
of the majors and tutors were admitted during this project.
    2.The number of accepted graduated students exceeded the guota.From 1991-1995, we 
accepted 22(female 5) students for,52(female 23) for, far exceeded 
the number of 1986-1990.we have accepted 7 foreign students from Germany, Korea, 
Pakistan,Thailand and Nepal.In addition,we also accepted some students for 
form other Lab.  working in this Lab to finish their research paper.

   The third.The academic interchange and technical co-operation got forward(See table 
      Items                    1991-1995      1986-1990

    1.We get in touch with universities and institutes for academic interchange, 
technical co-operation and teacher train from many countries USA, England, Germany, 
Australian, New Zealand,Italy and our country.From 1991,we took part in international 
congresses 3-4 times very year,sent 1-2 person to get training or visit in other 
countries.Now there are still 8 young experts study and work in other countrsies.Invited 
10 foreign experts coming to get open lectures in our Lab.

    The aim:
    1.For this Lab. has just been setup,we should develop research,educate manage and
instrument manage in order to make perfect use of the invisible function and make more 
progress in work.
    2.Enhance the touch with national and international institutes in academic 
interchange and other aspects,in order to make it to be an openning Lab. recently.
    3.Prefectly make use of the research condition,set up the research in subjects of 
high-level technology.In the meantime,enhance the contact with high-level technology 
products factories,in order to make the research achievements become to products.Make 
the Lab. to be "National Biopesticide recearch centre".
    4.Geting the person training,include researchers and managers,enhance the group's 
ability,and accept new experts.

    The project we are interested in is the environmental biological control and 
development. Now we want to study several subtitles especially in the construction of a 
transgenomic plant from the GPD gene in a kind of alga-Dunaliella salina, key technology 
in anti Taenia Sodium which wide spread in human and animal range from 30% to 80% in 
more than ten provinces in Chines countryside and the development of the biological 
pesticide for harmful insects and rodden in the grassland. All the above projects are 
also aided by the National Science Foundation in China.

    If anyone who may concern with the collaboration, please contact me for more details 
and we may do more discussion. And if someone wants to know more about the 
Australia-China Institutional Links Program, please contact Australian Agency for 
International Development.

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