Richard Dawkins and hypocrisy

Veronica vrg at
Tue Dec 17 18:31:34 EST 1996

What in the world is your point?
Much of the beauty and art in religious ceremony can be enjoyed fully
regardless of one's willingness to accept every inane item of faith.
Would it be hypocritical to stand in awe of Caravaggio simply because
he protrays scenes from the life of Jesus which may have a special
significance to a true believer?  Must one accept fully the tenets of
Islam to enjoy the beauties of Muslim art?  I've climbed the pyramids
at Palenque, must I therefore espouse human sacrifice?  What rot. at (A. Caian) wrote:

>Make sure you tune in to the BBC television broadcast of Carols from
>King's College, Cambridge, on Christmas Eve. If you look very closely you
>might well see Richard Dawkins, arch-atheist, singing away with 'Hark the
>herald angels sing / Glory to the new born King' in the fellows' stall. It
>brought a whole new dimension to my enjoyment of the service; it was akin
>to spotting the Pope at a Black Sabbath concert. No doubt he was thinking,
>as he does of Bach's Mass in B Minor, how much better the music would have
>been had it been written about natural selection.

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