Richard Dawkins and hypocrisy

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>> > Make sure you tune in to the BBC television broadcast of Carols
>> > King's College, Cambridge, on Christmas Eve. If you look very
closely you
>> > might well see Richard Dawkins, arch-atheist, singing away with
'Hark the
>> > herald angels sing / Glory to the new born King' in the fellows'
stall. It
>> > brought a whole new dimension to my enjoyment of the service; it
was akin
>> > to spotting the Pope at a Black Sabbath concert. No doubt he was
>> > as he does of Bach's Mass in B Minor, how much better the music
would have
>> > been had it been written about natural selection.
>> What smugness. Just because you like the art does not mean you have
to buy
>> the beliefs.  I like the art of many religions. I don't belong to
>> all.  I think you are just crowing because he's famous.  It might
make you
>> feel superior but what's so special about anyone having a few
>> contradictions.
>> GJR
>So what's special about anyone feeling smug, Mr. Psychologist? 
>Personally, I think Dawkins ranks up there with the Kings of Smug,
>self-constructed edifices of self-important intellectual
>and closed-hearted skepticism renders him quite worthy of attack.
>That being said, now what is your analysis of me?

No analysis.
Just take you backwater observations back to the Art-Bell NG.
As long as you stick with the NGs that start with "alt." you won't
stand out as an idiot.
Do yourself the favor, and give us a break!

|"A common mistake that people make when trying to design |
| something completely foolproof, is to underestimate the |
| ingenuity of complete fools."            -Douglas Adams |

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