CAN TWO MEN (or women) HAVE KIDS???

Laurie Davison ldavison at
Wed Dec 18 16:08:55 EST 1996

Anthony Tomlinson <tomlinson at> wrote:
>In article <587954$a82 at> Laurie Davison,
>ldavison at writes:
>>I agree on one level: as far as equal rights are concerned I think it 
>>would be great, but disagree on another: as far as "tampering" with 
>>Mother Nature goes, this really is "playing God" in a big way. 
>So is chemotherapy.

   I agree with you. At risk of exposing a bias :), I'm a lesbian and 
would love to have a child. I'm also a reproductive biologist and 
understand fully the methods currently available to me as well as the 
"down sides" of doing so. The idea of merging eggs or sperm just strikes 
me as "going too far", I suppose. But everyone has to draw their lines 
somewhere, huh? Kind of a double-edged sword from where I'm sitting and 
I'm still forming opinions in a lot of areas, so who knows...?


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