Richard Dawkins and hypocrisy

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Wed Dec 18 14:49:00 EST 1996

Frank wrote:
> Evolution is fact, not theory.  Creationism is belief, not fact.

Actually, last I checked both were theories.  One simply has a great
deal more scientific evidence to back it up.  Although I do believe the
other fares rather better in an encounter with Occam's razor...

> Believing in the fact of evolution does not automatically indicate
> that one is an atheist.  Whether Dawkins is, or is not, an atheist has
> no bearing on his ability or right to enjoy or participate in
> religious services.  Virtually all christian organizations welcome
> participation regardless of belief.

Got this one dead on, IMO.  I didn't think Dawkins was this
popular/notorious.  The original post has occasioned a great deal of
reply, though.
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