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Recently in the US several old rooting hormones were taken off the
market. We are pleased to offer Rhizopon AA rooting hormones. These
products have been used worldwide since 1939. We will send you technical
information by snail mail under no obligation.

Rhizopon AA #1, #2 & #3  Rooting Powders: Dry Dip Application

Rhizopon AA dry powder rooting hormones have the same active
ingredients, same concentration, product designation numbers and method
of use as former Hormodin.  

Rhizopon AA #1, #2 and #3 dry powder rooting hormones (3 concentrations)
are used to propagate new plants from cuttings by the dry dip method.
The powders are formulated to slow release the active ingredients by
that achieving high production yields and uniform symmetric roots.
	Rhizopon AA #1 (0.1% IBA) is used to root herbaceous, leaf, greenwood
	and softwood cuttings.
	Rhizopon AA #2 (0.3% IBA) is used to root herbaceous, greenwood,
	softwood and hardwood cuttings.
	Rhizopon AA #3 (0.8% IBA) is used to root greenwood, softwood and
	hardwood cuttings including hard to root cuttings.

Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets:  Solution Application

Why use messy alcohol or out-of-date solutions? Make your own fresh
solutions as you need them.

Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablet rooting hormones are used to propagate
new plants from cuttings by economical spray or dip methods. The tablets
contain 20% IBA TGAI  in measured doses. Growers make their own fresh
solutions in any concentration by counting tablets. Use to root
herbaceous, leaf, greenwood, softwood and hardwood cuttings, house
plants and woody plants. Rhizopon AA solutions improve transplanting and
growth by building strong fibrous roots.

Order Rhizopon AA from your favorite horticultural supplier. 
If they do not have Rhizopon AA in stock then ask them to order from the
Rhizopon master distributor: 
V-J Growers Supply (800-327-5422) 
or you can order from V-J direct. 

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