Richard Dawkins and hypocrisy

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Eli Hestermann <ehestermann at> wrote:

>Frank wrote:
>> Evolution is fact, not theory.  Creationism is belief, not fact.

>Actually, last I checked both were theories.  One simply has a great
>deal more scientific evidence to back it up.  Although I do believe the
>other fares rather better in an encounter with Occam's razor...

	Guess you better check again.  _That_ evolution has occurred, and does
occur, is as thoroughly documented an empirical fact as any within the
entirety of science, and is no longer seriously contended by any
credible source.  _How_ evolution has occurred, and continues to
occur, however, is open to great contention to this day, and it
remains a controversy which is in no danger of being resolved anytime
soon.  It is my opinion that it has become a field, unfortunately,
which has attracted far too many people with perverse agendas and
personal prejudices which predispose them to interpret the data in a
very stilted manner.  I think Dawkins is an example of an just such an
individual (as well as many another pan-adaptationist /
pan-selectionist) who has allowed an at times useful metaphor
("selfish genes") to get the better of good sense.

	As to the argument that "creationism fares rather better in an
encounter with Occam's razor," I believe that statment demonstrates 
not only untoward and unwarranted credulity granted  intellectual
fraud, but also a somewhat obdurate expropriation of Occam's Razor...

>> Believing in the fact of evolution does not automatically indicate
>> that one is an atheist.  Whether Dawkins is, or is not, an atheist has
>> no bearing on his ability or right to enjoy or participate in
>> religious services.  Virtually all christian organizations welcome
>> participation regardless of belief.

>Got this one dead on, IMO.  I didn't think Dawkins was this

	Notorious he is.

>The original post has occasioned a great deal of
>reply, though.
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