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>>Make sure you tune in to the BBC television broadcast of Carols from
>>King's College, Cambridge, on Christmas Eve. If you look very closely you
>>might well see Richard Dawkins, arch-atheist, singing away with 'Hark the
>>herald angels sing / Glory to the new born King' in the fellows' stall. It
>>brought a whole new dimension to my enjoyment of the service; it was akin
>>to spotting the Pope at a Black Sabbath concert. No doubt he was thinking,
>>as he does of Bach's Mass in B Minor, how much better the music would have
>>been had it been written about natural selection.
>Perhaps rumors of Mr. Dawkins' "atheism" are grossly over exadurated.  One 
>quote I've seen (unrelated to Dawkins) was about "I said what I said and 
>believed it then but I might not believe it now".  As a fan of much of what 
>Dawkins promotes (as yet I have only had time to read his reviews), he may 
>love Christians even though he is not one.  Much of Christianity is very 
>appealing to everyone, basically.  Some of the ideas of The Christ did much to 
>make our world a better place.  Perhaps he is a Realistic Idealist.
One does not have to be a Christian, nor to believe in any supreme deity, to
appreciate good music, or to desire to participate in its performance.  I se no
irony whatever in an avowed athiest participating in a performance of Christmas
music -- so long as it is GOOD music.

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