deadly totalitarian anti-science

science fan violette at
Tue Dec 24 09:52:28 EST 1996

Threatening even doctors who see that marijuana does help their
patients, the government now says:

> McCaffrey and other administration officials contend that the two initiatives represent a significant threat to
> the nation's drug-control strategy. They complain that at a time when drug use among teen-agers is rising
> sharply, 
>the state laws send a resonant message that 
>marijuana is not only less than harmful, it may be
> medically valuable. 

I guess McCaffrey has never had chemotherapy!!! He keeps
confusing "medically valuable" with "less than harmful".

Tell that to someone on chemo. The medicine that kills cancer
hopefully before it kills you but not necessarily in that order.

This is a nightmare for a logical person. I deride my fellow
physicists for being religion-bashers, saying the country is not
really threatened by anti-science but here -- I am directly being
threatened, my doctor is directly being threatened -- and on the
basis of a gross distortion of the concept of what "medicine" is.
On the basis of a religious concept of molecules either being
wholly good or wholly evil!

Medically valuable and harmless are not the same thing.
I wish I could put General McCaffrey and his bosses in a special
school for the mentally imapired and have them recite that over and
over again until they get the point.

If they don't I will offer each one of them fifty Tylenol and
dare them to prove that medicine is harmless by swallowing 
all fifty Tylenol on an empty stomach.

I will bet that not even General McCaffrey would rise to
that challenge. Military men after all socialize mainly
with substances that profoundly impair the liver for life.

So I doubt he could even take four Tylenol safely by now.


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