deadly totalitarian anti-science

William Tivol tivol at
Tue Dec 24 14:27:33 EST 1996

science fan (violette at wrote:
: I deride my fellow
: physicists for being religion-bashers, saying the country is not
: really threatened by anti-science
	As a physicist, but not a religion-basher, I will say that anti-
science (and all other forms of anti-rationalism) are harmful to the
country.  Policies based on beliefs which cannot be challanged--let alone
falsified--will be inefficient at best.  The argument over the "correct"
content of education has led to expenditures of time and money that could
have been put to better use.  The effects of the education itself can be
easily measured--as they are by standardized tests.
	Note that not just religion, but dogma of all sorts, can have a
pernicious effect.  IMHO the more fundamentalist the belief, and the more
that belief is held to be the basis for all activities in life, the worse
the consequences.  Just look at Afganistan and Nazi Germany for two of
numerous examples.  Separation of church & state was one of the better ideas
of the founding fathers (& they had many good ideas).
				Bill Tivol

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