Resume: research Technician, Biology

AZagariya azagariya at
Sun Dec 22 01:18:31 EST 1996

C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E
E. mail:  AZagariya at
Permanent resident of United States (Green Card)	

320 Beach Ave, #2a,
LaGrange Park, IL 60525, USA
Phone/FAX: (708) 482-3148
*DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH: 1969, Kiev, Ukraine
*MARITAL STATUS:Married: Spouse - Alexander M. Zagariya, (Ph. D. in
Molecular Biology), Daughter Olga (born Jan. 29, 1991)

*HEALTH: Excellent

*PROFILE: Highly energetic, results oriented
Solid understanding of service goals, accuracy
Excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills
Ability to deal effectively with all levels of employees
Sensitivity to the social and ethical issues

1994	journal club award for the best presentation,
Kiev University, Kiev, Ukraine	
1993	excellent student of Kiev University
1991	Kiev Hospital #11 young scientists competition
1990	Kiev University young scientists competition

1995	Pass Exams for attending Graduate School in Biology
1993 - 1994 Research  Technician,
Molecular Geriatrics Corp.,
101 Waukegan Road, Suite #970,
Lake Bluff, IL 60044, USA	     
1994	B. Sc.   degree in Biology,
Department of General and Molecular Genetics, 
Kiev University, Kiev, Ukraine 
GRE exam, Chicago, Illinois
1993 TOEFFL exam, Birmingham, Alabama
1990-1992 Research  Assistant and Technician, 
Ukraine National Hospital #11, 
Ukraine Health Program, 
Kiev, Ukraine
1986-1990 B. Sc. degree in Economics, 
Kiev National Institute of Economy, 
Kiev, Ukraine
1986-1988 Kiev School of Nursing, Kiev, Ukraine
Certificate (Summa Cum Laude)

-Computer hardware, software and database
-Software for DOS and Windows
-Word Processors: Microsoft Word (5.1, 6.0),  Word Perfect
-Macintosh, IBM AT(PC) computers (Windows 95, 3.1 and MS-DOS 6.22)
-All facets of the Internet (i.e. Medline, Gopher, Network, Usenet,
Bionet, E.mail etc.
-Drawing programs - Aldus Superpaint, Power Point and Cricket Graph

- 4 years of international lab experience in cell and molecular biology
-Mammalian cell culture
-Immunochemical staining
-Immunofluorescent microscopy
-Differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells
-DNA isolation
-Gel electrophoresis
-Western and Northern electroblotting
-Blood analysis (hematocrit)
-Spectrophotometers, autoclaves, pipettors
-Solution and growth media preparation
-Basic molecular biology techniques
-Languages:   Fluently in English, Russian and Ukrainian (native)
As  a requirement for my position, I have taken the Radiation Safety
Training Course 
and the Laboratory Safety Course, I have also attended a seminar for
Teaching Assistants

Translator and interpreter,	October 1994
(For the Ukraine Consulate General)
Accounting  and  computing,  September 1995  -  March 1996
(V&S Variety Company, Northbrook, IL 60090)

1. Participation in the National Scientific Meeting of the American
College of Rheumatology, October 21-26, 1995 at the Moscone Center and
Mariott Hotel in San Francisco, California
2. E. Zagariya, G. Berdyshev, Frequency of human longevity in the Ukraine.
Cytology and Genetics, V.23,  N4,  p.29-32, 1990
3. Participation in the International Symposium: Plant Biotechnology and
Genetic Engineering, October 3-6, 1994, Kiev, Ukraine
4. E. Zagariya, P. LoPresti, L. Binder,  Differentiation of neurites
growth during Alzheimer Disease. The American Society for Cell Biology,
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA,
December 11-15, 1993
5. A. Zagariya, C. Mohan, E. Zagariya and L. Sitailo. A rapid and simple
method for quantitative analysis of regulatory transcription 	proteins. 
In  preparation
6. Participation in the Symposia for Cancer Biology, May 14-17, 1990,
Kiev, Ukraine


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