Richard Dawkins and hypocrisy

J.D. Richardson mrjames at
Wed Dec 18 07:20:22 EST 1996

jaldr at (James Aldridge) wrote:

>On 16 Dec 1996 16:56:20 GMT,
> at (A. Caian) wrote:
>>might well see Richard Dawkins, arch-atheist,
>>singing away with 'Hark the
>>herald angels sing / Glory to the new born King
>This reminds me of a piece Dawkins wrote in
>Scientific American a year or so ago; it displayed
>the same degree of hypocrisy that this current
>instance does. I wrote a letter to Sci Amer about
>it, and they sent me a letter saying they had
>forwarded it to Dawkins. He has not seen fit to
>answer it, so I gather he is short of a proper
>James Aldridge - Fort Worth, Texas, USA
>jaldr at or aldrjame at

Why would you assume that someone else would automatically reply to
you? And assume that if they don't, they cannot satisfactorily do so?
These are odd assumptions.
Do you answer every piece of mail that comes your way, talk to
everyone who shows up at your door, or calls you on the phone? You're
under no obligation to communicate with every person who has a mouth
and/or a keyboard, nor are any of us. Nor should you have any reason
to reply to my interrogative sentences in this post.

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