Are Sperm a Living Creature?

Dan Olson kdbolson at
Sun Dec 29 17:24:52 EST 1996

On 29 Dec 1996 08:58:18 -0800, berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
(Alexander Berezin) said:

>On Sun, 29 Dec 1996, Sid Lipkin wrote:
>> Always wondered this...Is human sperm classed as a living creature?
>It depends on your definition of life. Some say
>that computer viruses are also living beings.
>And so are the cars: they do multiply 
>(on car factories) using the environment (assembly
>workers) for their reproduction and their is
>Dawrinian competition for survival between 
>variuous breeds of cars.
>[ I read this example in Frank Tipler's book ]
>>   Is there a genus of animals that it belongs to?  
>"genuse", "species", etc are human constructs.
>They don't exist 'as such', apart from our
>definitions. You can extend any classification 
>scheme to cover almost anything you wish.
Ah:  the physicist aspires to the philosophy department--where he
won't have to give any real answers to any real questions.  

If the objects of your curiosity are anything, they, like eggs, are
the haploid generation of Homo sapiens.  Your brothers and--well,
maybe just brothers.    

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