Hernan Espinoza espinoza at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Dec 31 13:47:29 EST 1996

ccsj at onlink.net writes:

>Does anybody know how far north the hantavirus has travelled? 

	There are hantavirus everywhere there are mice to carry it...
North and South.   Just to put your mind at ease, the kind you are
worried about (the one that gives you nasty sometimes fatal respiratory
infections) is *NOT* particularly infectious.  The only way to get it is
to breathe mouse turd dust (and not just any mouse, there is a species...
Paramiscus...something...sorry) and a lot of it.   The solution : *IF*
you have field mouse turds to clean up in an enclosed space, first treat
the turds with Lysol (or just household bleach) and wear a filter mask
(or a tight fitting hanky).   That will do the trick.   For more (and
better) info call the Centers for Disease Control (in the phonebook).


PS - Whoops, I forgot to mention, the *BEST* way to avoid hantavirus is
to stop a mouse infestation BEFORE it happens.

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