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Per Bergman Per.Bergman at vf.slu.se
Tue Dec 31 10:46:27 EST 1996

The Strategic Network for Swedish Plant Biotechnology


The newly established Network for Swedish Plant Biotechnology Network, has
three postdoctoral fellowships open for application in plant molecular
biology and genetics. The applicants should have a PhD in lifescience with
practical experience in plant molecular genetics and cell biology
especially in Arabidopsis thaliana, which will comprise the experimental
plant model system in the research programs. All fellowships are for one
year, with possibilities for prolongation for a second year. The positions
can be placed at the different departments involved in the program at the
Swedish Universities of Agriculture, Stockholms University, Karolinska
Institute and Lund University but other departments and Universities can
be discussed.

Applicants should submit a full curriculum vitae with a covering letter
indicating which project(s) they are most interested in, and the names and
addresses of two referees. 

Closing date for application is 7 of January 1997.

The positions are open in the following research projects:

1  Molecular regulation of abiotic stress in plants

   The abiotic stress research program are focused on studies of the
molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of responses and
acclimation in plants exposed to low temperature, high light and UV

2  Molecular regulation of biotic stress in plants

   The research in biotic stress is focused to plant pathogen interactions
and wounding by insects including the signal transduction pathways
involved. The final goal is to find the stress genes and to create
transgenic plants with improved stress tolerance.

3  Molecular regulation of fatty acids in plants

   The objectives of the fatty acid research program are to elucidate
pathways involved in the biosynthesis and degradation of oil seed fatty
acids, especially epoxygenated, hydroxylated and acetylenic fatty acids.
The research is also devoted to studies of membrane lipids and fatty acid
metabolites involved in signal transduction and stress tolerance. 

For information contact Professor Kristina Glimelius, 
Department of Plant Breeding, SLU, Box 7003, 750 07 Uppsala, Sweden.
Phone +46-(0)18-673238
Fax: +46-(0)18-673279
E-mail:Kristina.Glimelius at vf.slu.se

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