Q: How to concentrate human-skin oils?

Alan Alan
Fri Feb 2 22:05:36 EST 1996

You could lavage volunteers' skin with HPLC-grade acetone.

What do you want?  The human body is rife with odiferous this and that, 
some of it histocompatibility dependent, some of it microbial 
metabolites, all of it in part related to diet.  If you wash axillary 
areas you will get one set of stuff, open skin another, scalp a third... 
 and the whole mess is sullied with soaps, deodorants, perfumes, and 
various cosmetic agents.

If you want a LOT of stuff, go to any high school boy's gym class with a 
pair of latex gloves, a debridement tool, and a bucket.  You can scrape 
and squeeze your way to mass transfer.

Why not put alpha-androstenol into the guys' cologne, and formulate a 
collection of low molecular weight fatty acids for the girls?

To close, I believe it was a custom in some European countries for young 
ladies to hold apple slices under their axilla at dances, and present 
them to their beaus at the end of the evening.  It is also an old wives' 
tale that for a young lady to irremedially secure her suitor, she was to 
feed him a cherry pie containing her menstrual drippings.

As for me, I bother cockroaches.

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