PEER-LESS Science is UN-stoppable

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Fri Feb 2 20:55:59 EST 1996

Below is a replica of just-obtained info on an
(electronic ?) journal of hematology. Although
this ad does not detailze the accepatnce proceedure
of this journal (i.e. is there a 'peer-review' of
articles or just a simple no-nonsense check), the 
reported time of accepatnce (7 days after the submission) 
indicataes that the Editors of this journal are likely 
enough enlightened about the fallacy of the so called
"in-depth [ anonymous ] peer review" by the so called

[ "experts" = people who know 'why it can't be done',
even if it was just done (huge literature) ]

If so, my congratulations and cheers to the Editors of 
this journal. I am sure that the present electronic 
environment provides all the needed tools for the 
OPEN COMMENTS section of the journal, where each published 
paper can be OPENLY, FREELY and PROMPTLY commented upon, 
amended, criticised, etc. Such development, if undertaken, 
will be an important step towards liberation of science and 
free intellectual inquiry from the barbwires of the so 
called "Anonymous Peer Review" and (let small but 
decisive) step towards the dismantling of the authoritative 
control of established grantsmanship old boys networks.

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On 2 Feb 1996 beutler at wrote:

> Blood Cells, Molecules and Diseases, a non-profit journal produced by the 
> Blood Cells Foundation,  publishes articles in the broad area of 
> hematology, including areas such as genetics, pathophysiology, immunology, 
> clinical medicine, and morphology.  This journal is the successor of Blood 
> Cells, a journal that has been in existence for over 20 years.  It is 
> indexed in MedLine, Reference Update, Current Contents and most of the 
> other current awareness services.   Articles that are accepted for 
> publication are distributed in final form over the internet, and are 
> available free of charge from our web site:
> Papers appear, on the average, within 7 days of acceptance!  The hard copy 
> publication appears three times a year.   Instructions for authors appear 
> on our web site.   To receive abstracts of each issue as it appears, 
> please sign on to our listserve by addressing e-mail to:
> majordomo at
> and sending a message: subscribe bloodcell

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