Bert Gold bgold at
Sat Feb 3 23:01:25 EST 1996

Dr. Jeffrey Wiegand, former scientist for Brown and Williamson
Tobacco Company, currently being sued by that corporation, whose
exploits are well described in Robert Procter's 1995 book 'Cancer Wars'
will apparently be interviewed by Mike Wallace on 60 minutes tomorrow

Apparently there are still some brave scientists left in America,
though they are no longer protected by our legal codes or courts.

Brown and Williamson documents were (last time I looked, about
6 months ago) available for inspection at the UCSF Web Site,
although there were some moves in Congress to ban funding
to specific researchers at UCSF because of this availability.

Comments from informed netters, especially after watching
the program, are invited.

Bert Gold, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco
School of Medicine
Program in Medical Genetics

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