Quantum Speciation

neubauer at umd5.umd.edu neubauer at umd5.umd.edu
Sun Feb 4 17:16:15 EST 1996

If a species is created by a reproductively-isolating gross genetic
mutation  (eg:, non-disjunction, translocation, etc.), who does the
charter member of that species mate with?  Wouldn't it s only choice
be siblings (i.e.;procuced by the same parent(s) predisposed to
similarly affected gametes)?

Wouldn't this lead to lower fitness because of lethal recessives and
lower genetic diversity?  AND, wouldn't they be competing with the
original population in all respects and be competitively excluded?  

With all of these odds against them, how would such a species survive
obviously it has happened many times, but how?  Can anyone suggest a
scenario, either general or specific?

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