What Is Mathematical Biology?

Peter Hurd phurd at tele.su.se
Tue Feb 6 07:04:27 EST 1996

Elizabeth Ann Martin (emartin at artsci.wustl.edu) wrote:

: Can anyone clarify what 
: mathematical biology is, and recommend any books?

I'm not sure what Mathematical Biology is, but I'll suggest Karl
Sigmond's _Games_of_Life_ as a gentle and entertaining introduction to
what I think of as theoretical biology.  Some of it's chapters are
more relevant than others...

: Also, if one wanted to 
: study mathematical biology, where would one concentrate their biology 
: courses?

Well, my two cents would be to take a wide array of biology courses,
until you find some biology that really makes you curious, don't
concentrate until you find something really calling out to you.  Then
keep making the effort to not loose sight of the biology when you
start using the math, explaining what really happens is the object...

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