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Angela D'Aprile (adaprile at wrote:
} I have some ink which they manufactured which I use in pen cartridges for 
} chart recorders.  The ink is running out and I want to buy some more.  

We use home-maid ink in our pen chart recorders to save money.
(Analysis showed that this was the composition of the ink for 
Mingograph ink-jet recorders). 

	0.5 g methylene blue
	20 ml glycerol
	80 ml distilled water
Filter this well through a paper filter. This will prevent bigger chunks
of methylene blue from plugging your pens. Refilter if necessary later on.	

If the recorder is left unused for months, it is wise to empty the ink
wells and wash with water, as there will be some material on the bottom.
Also empty and wash ink wells once a year in any case.

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