essential amino acids (methionine) biosynthesis ?

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: Dear collegues,

: I do not adhere to your list, however, Iwould like to get some infos.
: Please reply to my private address and not to the list. Thank you in
: advance.

: 8 of 20 amino acids are known to be essential for human beings, any book of
: biology tells us. But none told me yet, which (key) enzymes lack in humans
: or mice for the production of the respective amino acid.

: I have been asked by my students today and could not answer. Can anybody
: help me? I am especially interested in the biosynthesis of methionine.

: Thank you very much for your help          Peter Kulmburg

I don't know the answer, but there are some nice metabolism databases
available on the net.  With them and SwissProt (or another protein database), 
your students should be able to figure things
out for themselves (it would make a nice assignment for a university
student or even a team of high schoolers).

I had an assignment like this in college -- we were to look at a 
big metabolism chart and find 2 pathways that appeared to be homologous --
it was a lot of fun.

These two URLs will help you find some appropriate databases:

Good luck!

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