my sincere regrets

Bryan Zimmerman gt4598a at
Wed Feb 7 16:39:57 EST 1996

I am terribly sorry for the disturbance I have caused.  This 
post wasn't meant to be serious/for_real/or even funny.  It's a long 
story, but
we saw this post on another newsgroup and waited for a few hours for the 
flames to start, but they never did.  The post was only supposed to be 
up a few hours, but I got tied up at work and couldn't get back to the 
newsgroups. This was meant to measure the repulsiveness of this type of 
post on more of the mainstream newsgroups since the members of the 
newsgroup the post came off of didn't seem to care much.  I will have to 
say that, the amount of intolerance which was displaced towards me, was 
far greater than I had expected to say the least.  Although I can tell, 
by some of the email I've recieved, that many of you are far to angry to 
accept any recompensatory guestures, I would like to say that you have 
my utmost apologies and I sincerely regret the posting.  
	Furthermore, I want you to know that I too feel the same way 
about these types of posts, but evidently my feelings are not as strong. 
 I never intended to or ever will be part of a so called "chain mail" 

					Bryan Zimmerman

P.S.  I will also post this to
	the other applicable 

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