Need help with biology facts for story

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Wed Feb 7 13:27:23 EST 1996

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>I am writing a story and am stuck on the bilogy part.  The gist is that  
>this group of people have been living underground for a great many years.   
>They fear the sun, so they only come out at night.
>What I would like to know is what physical changes the body would go  
>through after so many years without the sun.  Would they lose all the  
>melanin in their bodies?  Would their eyes get bigger since firelight and  
>moonlight is all they would have?  Things like that.
>Also, I would like to know what would happen when they got out in the sun  
>again.  If they did lose all the melanin, would it come back when exposed  
>to sunlight?  Would it even be possible for them to ever live in the sun  

In one generation, nothing much would happen. Eyes would look the same,
would be pale, but would tan (probably burn actually) readily in the sun
they came out.  But what if the caves (?) where they live contain a heavy
or something that makes them photophobic?  What irony, that the caves
they shelter
in (for some trivial reason 20 yrs ago) now trap them!  Or not.....


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