WADERS-L: a new listserver

Rene A. Navarro trauco at uctvms.uct.ac.za
Wed Feb 7 08:56:57 EST 1996

         ------===== WELCOME TO WADERS-L ======-------

   The Avian Demography Unit at the Deparment of Statistical 
   Sciences, University of Cape Town, has recently launched
   a new list server dedicated to waders. What we call Waders 
   (or shorebirds) are members of the family Charadriidae.  
   They are not "wading birds", a term used to refer to long-
   legged herons, egrets, ibises and storks.  
   MEMBERSHIP of Waders-l is open to all, it is not restricted 
   in any way, professionals and amateurs are welcome to join 
   the discussion group.

   Our aim is to provide the 'waderologists' community with a way
   of exchanging information and to keep in contact on a worldwide 

   Examples of its (potential) use are requests for and offers of 
   information, ideas, data and collected material, advertising 
   employment, bursary, fellowship and volunteer opportunities, 
   notices of meetings, availability of written materials (e.g. 
   expedition reports, books, proceedings, reprints), etc.

   To subscribe to the list send a message to
               LISTSERVER at UCT.AC.ZA

   and in the body of the message put the following command
   subscribe waders-l your name
   address & research interest

   Once you have been added to the list waders-l you will get a
   welcoming message with additional information.

   For any queries please contact the managers of the list:
      Rene Navarro (trauco at maths.uct.ac.za) or
      Les Underhill (lgu at maths.uct.ac.za).

   Rene Navarro

   Avian Demography Unit
   Department of Statistical Sciences
   University of Cape Town,
   Rondebosch 7700, South Africa
   Local email: maths/trauco
   Internet:    TRAUCO at MATHS.UCT.AC.ZA

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