What Is Mathematical Biology?

Tom Schneider toms at kaylor.ncifcrf.gov
Tue Feb 6 20:35:07 EST 1996

Elizabeth Ann Martin (emartin at artsci.wustl.edu) wrote:

: Can anyone clarify what
: mathematical biology is, and recommend any books? Also, if one wanted to
: study mathematical biology, where would one concentrate their biology
: courses?
The Laboratory of Mathematical Biology is in the National Cancer Institute, a
part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  We do a variety of projects
relating mathematics with biology.  The web page


points to some of them.

My own work joins information theory with biology.  The focus (as another
poster said) is on the biology, not the mathematics.  See my wwweb page


for an introduction.

You might also want to listen and participate in the news group


The faq can be obtained from my wwweb pages.  This lists a number of books
about information theory.  You can also get a number of on-line papers from my
wwweb site and if you are really interested you could get our set of papers (a
request form is at the site).

The fields and subjects that are relevant to studying information theory in
biology are amazingly broad, including:

biology (evolutionary theory)
molecular biology (molecular diagnosis, genetic engineering)
sequence logos (computer graphics)
mathematics (hypersphere packing, high dimensional mathematics)
information theory
electrical engineering (nanotechnology)
thermodynamics (statistical mechanics, Maxwell's Daemon, limits of computers)

So I'd recommend getting a broad background education!

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