UC Davis, University Extension Biotech Courses

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Mon Feb 5 18:33:37 EST 1996

UC Davis, University Extension Offers Biotech Courses

Biotreatability and Laboratory Methods for Environmental Biotechnology:  
This hands-on seminar provides participants with the ability to better 
evaluate the design, implementation and management plans for the 
bioremediation of contaminated sites based on biotreatability and 
pilot-scale investigations.  Participants review basic microbiological 
and bioremedial concepts, then perform biochemical, microscopic and 
microbial culture evaluations to determine treatment criteria and 
bioprocess management requirements.  Practical issues are discussed, such 
as contaminant type and concentrations, treatment determinants (effects 
of PH and other physicochemical parameters), and criteria associated with 
nutrient selection and supplementation.  
UC Environmental Remediation Research:  Biological and Physiochemical 
There are rapid advances in environmental remediation techniques that 
deserve to be recognized.  The University of California is a leader in 
developing mechanisms, utilizing genetic engineering and discovering new 
approaches for degrading hazardous substances.  This seminar highlights 
recent research being accomplished by six UC Irvine and UC Davis faculty 
in environmental remediation techniques.  These faculty describe their 
research objectives and potential applications for environmental managers 
interested in remediation techniques and organism modifications.

For further information about these courses, see our website 
http://universityextension.ucdavis.edu/ or call (916) 757-8878.

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