Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at
Wed Feb 7 13:07:55 EST 1996

In article <4eaibl$u8o at> Stacy Ferguson,
sef at writes:
>Look, kid, if this is an AP course then I assume that you're more 
>intelligent than your average bear. This being the case, none of this
>problems should be particularly difficult for you. A simple understanding
>of Mendelian genetics and one trip to the library to look up starch 
>metabolism and you should have the answers to your questions in one
>homework session. This is not a forum to where you can expect others 
>to do your homework for you. None of these are trick questions and 
>the only thing stopping you is your laziness.

Damn right, but I applaud your resourcefulness in resorting to the net in
order to save vital calories which would otherwise be squandered merely
for youself, so here are a few clues:  heterozygotes for a recessive
would have wild type phenotype, you can't make things without machines to
them, and mutations involve DNA sequence perturbations.  There, now
you'll have
to find a dictionary in the library too.


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