Downs Syndrome

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>> Does anyone know if people w/ Downs Syndrome are sterile? In theory they
>> should be able to have children and there is a chance that the child
>> would be normal.
>> Thanks for the help.

>I guess that people with Down's syndrome are fertile, at least they
>are able to form normal gametes (with one chromosome 21). But their
>psychological development is strongly retarded and ceases at level of
>about six-yeared children. Therefore from this point of view it is
>a little possibility they could have children.

Actually, I believe they are sterile. Chromosome 21 still plays some role in
the development of the genitalia. Furthermore, half of the sperm cells would
have 2 #21 chromosomes and half would have one. (During disjuction at
meiosis the three chromosomes would probably split this way).
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