HELP: Net Pylogeny Resources?

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Thu Feb 8 11:55:43 EST 1996

Peter M. Woollard x4523 (pwoollar at wrote:
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: > Howdy, 
: > 
: > 	I have been poking around for net resources on phylogeny.
: > The kind of thing I'm looking for is a site where I can search
: > for an organism's phylogeny beased on a common name or generic
: > name.  I have checked out Yahoo and a number of other biology
: > related sites.  Any help would be appreciated, even "You're wasting
: > your time, there's no such thing"  Thanks kindly, in advance.
: > 
: > -Hernan (espinoza at
: > 

: NCBI's Entrez has a very useful taxonomy browser:


Some other good resources can be found via


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