M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering

Susan Lowry lowrys at ADMIN.OGI.EDU
Thu Feb 8 23:51:30 EST 1996


The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at the Oregon
Graduate Institute is currently accepting applications for the 1996-1997
class of its one-year non-thesis M.S. program.

Program Characteristics

    * Nonthesis option of intensive course work
    * Full time, takes one year starting Fall quarter
    * Rigorously scientific approach to environmental
      and remediation processes
    * Direct application to environmental consulting or
      remediation services work
    * Most courses are suitable for transfer to M.S. thesis and
      Ph.D. reseach degrees programs.

Areas of Specialization in the M.S. Program

    * Contaminant Hydrology
    * Environmental Chemistry
    * Environmental Microbiology
    * Air Pollution

Inter Program Options

    * Joint degree in technology management (M.S. from OGI's
      Department of Management in Science and Technology)
    * Joint degree in environmental law (J.D. from the Northwestern
      School of Law, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR)

Other Activities Associated with the Department

    * Center for Coastal and Land-Margin Research (CCALMR)
    * Marine and Environmental Training Station (MERTS)
    * Large Experimental Aquifer Program (LEAP)
    * Center for Groundwater Research
    * Global Change Research Center
    * Oregon Collection of Methanogens
    * Subsurface Microbial Culture Collection

Address:   Department of Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE)
           Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology (OGI)
           PO Box 91000, Portland, Oregon  97291-1000

Contacts:  Judi Irvine, Department Administrator
               Phone: 503/690-1196, Fax: 503/690-1273
               Email: judi at ese.ogi.edu
               URL: http://www.ese.ogi.edu/

           Office of Admissions and Records
               Phone: 503/690-1027, Fax: 503/690-1285
               Toll Free: 1-800-685-2423
               Email: admissions at admin.ogi.edu
               URL: http://www.ogi.edu


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