Need info on diagnosing Manic Depression and Schizophrenia

Neil Marsden - CABC/W95 nmarsden at
Fri Feb 9 14:52:20 EST 1996

Eric Steven Nelson (enelson at wrote:

: Hi my name is Eric and I'm working on a script about a psychiatric hospital.
: I could use some info on how people get diagnosed with manic depression 
: and schizophrenia; symptoms, cases etc. Would appreciate any help. Send 
: any info to enelson at
: thanx, Eric  

>>>> Hi Eric. I am currently taking psychopathology as a liberal arts for 
this term. Your best bet would be to investigate the Diagnostic and 
Statistical Manual of mental disorders (DSM 4). The fourth edition is the 
best so far and will help you understand the *decision trees* involved in 
making both a reliable and valid diagnosis.
  (You'll also find that the term *manic depression* now goes under the 
term bipolar disorder).
			Lots of luck			Neil Marsden

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