Phospholipase A2 reagent needed

Amy Voltz avoltz
Fri Feb 9 11:47:01 EST 1996

The Genome Data Base has information on human clones for the PLA2 gene. To
access this data I would recommend using the "Finding Genes in GDB" interface
Choose the search option "Reagents for Gene Analysis" and enter the 
symbol PLA2, choose either genomic or cDNA clones. From the results
table, choose the highlighted GDB ID to see detailed information on 
each clone, including a contact person from whom the clone can be obtained.

Please be aware that this interface to GDB is working off of the older
version of the database, until it is re-developed for the new GDB 
available at

I hope this information is helpful to you.
Amy Voltz
avoltz at

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