muscles and bones

Ferland Louis H. ferlandl at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Sat Feb 10 02:14:56 EST 1996

There is a "musclenet" site somewhere in Italy, if my memory serves me 
well. I visited it only once and bookmarked it with the intention of 
returning when I have a chance. If you can't locate it with "Open text" 
or other engine, contact me and I'll retreive the URL for you.

On 9 Feb 1996, Boris Lekht wrote:

> Date: 9 Feb 1996 01:00:22 GMT
> From: Boris Lekht <boris7 at>
> To: bioforum at
> Subject: muscles and bones
>  Could somebody recommend me a WWW cite which deals with muscles and
> bones. I am a physical therapy student and would like to exchange info
> on this and any related topics.
>      Thank you        boris7 at

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